You asked, we answered


How do you m+lk a nut?

Nuts don't lactate, or DO THEY?? Now this is one we get asked a lot! Our nuts are soaked overnight and then blended with our other simple ingredients and finally bottled fresh from production. It doesn’t get much fresher!


How long does your nut m+lk last?

Another very good question… our nut m+lk can last up to 4 months if left unopened (although how you’d manage to resist opening it is beyond us?! 🤷). Once opened, our m+lk is best consumed within 2 days but if you're anything like us, it won't last very long in the fridge as you'll be slurping it down at a rate of knots/nuts!


What flavour is next for M+LKPLUS?

We have just started experimenting with our third flavour which is VERY exciting! Expect something super creamy and indulgent with a twist! Any guesses?!

Why choose to ditch dairy?

Each to their own but humans are the ONLY species who consciously drink the milk of another species, which when you think about it is a bit gross! Remember, our m+lks aren’t just for those who stay away from dairy but in case you do.. we’ve ensured our delicious m+lks are fortified with calcium so you aren’t missing out!



How do you flavour your m+lks?

Our delish gourmet flavours are created using 100% natural, plant based, vegan, sugar free flavourings from a highly credible company based in the UK. Our brand new launch flavour is a bespoke recipe created specially for M+LKPLUS which means it’s LIMITED EDITION.. get those elbows at the ready for launch day sugar plums because you will NUT want to miss out on this one!

Is M+LKPLUS certified Vegan?

Yes! Both of our yummy products have the stamp of approval. YAY!


What makes M+LKPLUS different?

  • Our m+lks contain three times the nut content of the market leader.

  • We have a gourmet flavour range of m+lks unlike anything else on the shelf!

  • Our branding is super sassy and guaranteed to cause a stir.

  • We have specially designed our product to come in a 330ml bottle so that its perfectly catered for your busy lives (you’re welcome!).

Why choose M+LKPLUS?

This is a very important read. Basically, stop buying nut milks from supermarkets. They are full of sugar, stabilisers and emulsifiers. Looking at shop bought almond milk in particular... this sugary cocktail contains only 2.3% almonds. What is the rest of it?! Almonds are incredibly healthy but when they’re being used in such low quantities, the benefits of them are severely diminished.

We pride ourselves on having zero hidden nasties in our m+lk. We also use natural sweeteners such as agave and fruit extracts. Whilst we're on a roll… your shop bought nut milk will have been sat on the shelf for weeks, whereas ours is made available fresh from the fridge served chilled! Give your body the best m+lk baes... you only get one.


How should I use M+LKPLUS?

Straight from the carton is obvs a no brainer, especially if you're in a rush but you want to give your body a nutritional boost!

You can also make:

  • M+lkshakes (guaranteed to bring the boys to the yard).

  • Frozen nut pops which are an absolute GAME CHANGER!

  • Heat them up! We recommend this as a fabulous, healthy take on a hot chocolate.

  • You can put our m+lks on your cereal, in your tea, in your cake or pancake mixes.

There really is NO limit to the usage of our miracle m+lk. If it sounds like we're bragging its because we ARE... modesty isn't a strong point here at M+LK HQ cos we just LOVE our product, guilty xo

Check out the recipes section for more nutty ideas!


Do you have any stockists?

Yes! We are stocked in 645 Holland & Barrett stores nationwide (if your local store has a fridge- you should be able to pick up our delish nut juice!) You’ll also be able to find us at Kettlebell Kitchen (Manchester), Intershape Fitness, Not Dogs (Birmingham), East Lancashire Hospitals, The Vegan Kind Supermarket and Fitness Plus (Longridge).


Any other questions?

We'd love to answer any other questions you may have. Holla at us!