Nuts about nuts

Throwing sass and nut puns around like confetti, we pride ourselves on our high nut content, gourmet flavour range and handy grab ‘n’ go m+lks.

Watch the boys come flocking to the yard with a M+LKPLUS shake

Watch the boys come flocking to the yard with a M+LKPLUS shake


Our mission

M+LKPLUS is here to disrupt the dairy free alternative nut m+lk market! The product concept developed whilst our founder was in Australia working on a cow farm as part of the three month regional work needed to obtain a second year visa. Two weeks in a rash all over her arms and back emerged and Camilla discovered it was due to dairy intolerance. As she set out on a mission looking for an exciting dairy alternative, all she could find was plain almond milk full of sugars and additives with lack lustre branding. Thus, the idea to create a super sassy ‘grab and go’ nut m+lk in a variety of different nut choices and flavours was created! There is nothing like it around, dairy alternatives are on a huge growth trajectory and that is why we exist!


Our founder · Camilla Ainsworth

A former student of law, PLOT TWIST... Camilla has ditched the wig for nuts. Passionate about health and wellbeing, M+LKPLUS was created to fulfil a personal need, and now seeks to offer the product to a wider audience. Camilla is a huge advocator for women in business and has conducted workshops to facilitate start ups. In addition to running her nut m+lk empire, Camilla was on last years ‘The Apprentice’ on BBC One and at just 22 she became the youngest ever finalist in the shows 14 year history! #TEAMCAMILLA


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